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Basstop-IPSBLT Basstop-IPSBLT

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Ok, so about your song, I'm not gonna tell you the good things, only the bad ones, what you can get better. So you are just a beginner, everyone has been here, it sucks, because you thing everything you make is SOOOO good, but it actually isn't (trust me, everyone did this), the song is basically made of three or four patterns, that's all, it sounds empty, try to fill the emptiness with some chords or a pad, I also feel that it is really clipping, try to play with volume of all the synths and drums so it doesn't cross the 0dB :)
Good job for a beginner though, have a nice day :)

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IPSBLT responds:

Errr...i didn't say anything about my songs' quality or something...Everyone knows i'm a beginner! I really understand what you mean.But what i'm trying to say here is that this is kinda somehow better than my other songs,not it's good.And yes,i was thinking about sprucing up the song with some pads or chords,but the time and the money REALLY matters;you know what i get when looking at the computer screen too much a day.Although i was trying to avoid the "i'm-great" thing you said from the start,i somehow got someone to say that i think my works are good...really sorry :p
Anyway thanks for the review :)

Bedroom Bedroom

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I will be a little bit critical right here, not because I think it is bad, but because I think it can be better.
1. I find the vocal chops or whatever you want to call them annoying after a while, there should be more variations
2. You make trap and put no aggressive sub bass in it, well, it can happen, but it lacks power because of it, just turn it up a bit or distort it
3. About the kicks, this is not metal, there shouldn't be so many of them, it should be like BWAAAAAAAH not BWABWABWABWBAW (WTF is going on with me?)
4. It overally seems like you didn't want to waste your time with a song so you just made some patterns and somehow looped them, you have to make more fills and FX for your song, when I listen to a song, I often catch myself singing the effects of it, whenever there are some, not the actual melody
These are the four steps how to get 5 stars from me
On the bright side the melody is really good and your sound design is neat, keep the work up.

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Pandasticality responds:

this is not trap, its future bass/jersey club-ish tune, its not supposed to have those heavy trap basses, i haven't had much time due to my service atm so i try to work with whatever time i got left once i get home, thank you for the review.

- Pandasticality

Zelda DUBSTEP!!! Zelda DUBSTEP!!!

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I really feel like this isn't yours, I already saw this song somewhere. Let me prove it by one single fact, every of your songs is something completely different, different mixing, different mastering and different synth work.
Could you please prove it isn't true? Could you give me a print screen of the project including the mixer? (Dodging or ignoring this comment makes it automatically right)

DanielGalarza responds:

you are right
this song is not mine, I climbed this song because the Use for a game

But not for purposes of Asher believe that this song is made ​​by me

Str8-Bit (Level 2) Str8-Bit (Level 2)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dude, that's great, then synth work is great, the melody could be a bit better, but overally, it's just beast. I love it
10/10 - IGN "Great animations"

Welcome Back...{Remastered) Welcome Back...{Remastered)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I don't know about the mastering, it's just a final touch... It gives your song the oomph, the bad side of your track is the mixing, it soundss overcompressed, turn everything down a bit, so the limiter doesn't destroy your song, with correct mixing it would sound really good :)

3/5 - 2 points go away just because of the mixing :/

ET16 responds:

Thank you! You were very helpful... reviews like this let me know what doing thank you again.

Cosmos Cosmos

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice song, all the instruments/synths are great, but I think the drop lacks bass.

It is easy problem to fix, just make a bass with any synth and put it on along with the lowest note of your chords. Hope it will help you for your next songs.

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Pandasticality responds:

great tip, thank you, il try that out sometime, thank you for your review.
- Pandasticality

Hot Pepper Gaming Dubstep Hot Pepper Gaming Dubstep

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well, that was something new, at least for me. But I like it. I like it a lot, you did a great job with your drop, you deserve my five stars.

Could I just ask, how did you make the sound playing at 1:42, I would appreciate if you would answer.

Have a nice day :D

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Animals - Remix Animals - Remix

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I'm sorry, but I have to criticise you, but this is just original song with another synth, but that's not all, it is just too repetative, it's more of a loop.

Sorry mate, but this isn't how remixing works. Better luck next time ;)

I rate 2 stars because I know you tried. When I was begginer, i did the same :)

-= Blades =- -= Blades =-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

WOW, this is something amazing! When someone says awesome song I imagine Seven Lions or Xilent, but when someone says LEGENDARY SONG (sorry, but I had to hurt my shift key a little bit for it), I imagine this ;)

TheBiocide responds:

HUGE compliment, dude!

Much love <333